Demonis Saiyans (After Death)

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Demonis Saiyans (After Death)

Post by King Bardock on Thu Oct 09, 2008 6:48 pm


This is a weird and rare race and an okay one but not really the best but heck train hard as one and who knows. They have strong power-ups but it takes more strength than other saiyans. Also doesn't have oozaru.

Demon Form ( No abbrivation required, this isn't much of a powerup): The Demon/Saiyan have two forms as a result of the weird combination of races, This is activated one the users command and/or a certain emotional) PL +0, AD+0

Demonic Super Saiyan (DSSJ): 25,000,000 pl,
Pl + 20 mil, Ad + 15 mil
(Requires Enrage)

Demonic Super Saiyan 2 (DSSJ2): 80,000,000 pl,
Pl +70 mil, Ad + 60 mil

Demonic Bloodlust(DB): 110,000,000 pl
Pl + 90 mil, Ad + 80 mil

Demonic Super Saiyan 3 (DSSJ3): 150,000,000 pl,
Pl + 140 mil, Ad + 130 mil

Demonic Luster Saiyan (DLS): 190,000,000 pl,
Pl + 180 mil, Ad + 170

Demonic Super Saiyan 4 (DSSJ4): 240,000,000 pl,
Pl + 230 mil, Ad + 220 mil
(Just requires Enrage and a tail)
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