Angelic Saiyans (After Death)

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Angelic Saiyans (After Death)

Post by King Bardock on Thu Oct 09, 2008 6:49 pm


Just like the race of saiyan/demon, except that this one is the rarest race of them all just because of it having two very different races. Also has no oozaru, but does have Golden Oozaru. Has early boost but they are not as good.

Angelic Super Saiyan (ASSJ): 10,000,000 pl,
Pl + 5 mil, Ad + 3 mil

Angelic Super Saiyan 2 (ASSJ2): 30,000,000 pl,
Pl + 20 mil, Ad + 10 mil

Angelic Super Saiyan 3 (ASSJ3): 80,000,000 pl,
Pl + 70 mil, Ad + 60 mil

Enlightened Golden Oozaru (EGO): 160,000,000 pl,
Pl + 150 mil, Ad + 140 mil
(requires oozaru moon ball and a tail)

Holy Super Saiyan 4 (HSSJ4): 220,000,000 pl,
Pl + 210 mil, Ad + 200 mil
(requires ability to go golden oozaru)
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